Biscuit Language

The Biscuit Language (BL) is simple imperative programming language using LLVM backend implemented in C. Language syntax and all it’s features are still in development and not ready for “real” use yet. Biscuit is designed to be simple, fast and explicit.


Current master

The latest unstable version of the compiler.

Current release - 0.9.0 - BETA (Apr 11, 2021)


File Platform Kind Windows Binary macOS Binary Linux Binary Source

Change log

Use LLD as default linker on Windows and Linux (experimental on macOS).
Update command line arguments to match unix common naming standarts.
Improve build system api and remove some obsolete functions.
Change build pipeline to call compile/compile_all explicitly.
Fix switch related parser bugs.
Fix unit mixing when using multithreaded build pipeline.
Add support of shared library output.
Add cmake build target Utils.
Add hash into CodeLocation.
Add namespace support.
Add unnamed symbols. (underscore used as name is not inserted into scope)
Add support of inline function group members.
Use faster custom system library and SDK lookup on Windows.
Compiler now reports unused private or local symbols.
Cleanup modules.


Please see: installation documentation.

Older releases

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