Dynamic Library Tools

#import "std/dlib"

Dynamic library tools for runtime library loading and symbol resolving.


Library :: *u8

Platform specific library handle.

File: dlib.bl


library_open :: fn (lib_name :: std.str_view_empty) (_0: Library, _1: Error) #inline

Dynamically loads library specified by lib_name and return it's handle or null with error. When lib_name is empty, current binary will be loaded. Use library_close call to close library when it's not needed anymore.

File: dlib.bl


library_get_symbol :: fn (lib: Library, sym_name: string_view) (_0: *u8, _1: Error) #inline

Resolve named symbol in library and return pointer to it.

File: dlib.bl


library_close :: fn (lib: Library)  #inline

Close library opened by lirary_open call.

File: dlib.bl