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0.6.0 - BETA (May 5, 2020)



File Platform Kind Windows 64 bit Binary macOS Binary - Source

Change log:

Add implicit cast from array to slice. (Fixed compile time vs constant IR code emit).
Fix invalid conversion of the sizeof result to Any.
Fix local functions in nested scope.
Fix nested function implicitly capturing members of upper scope.
Fix segfault on global initializer nesting.
Fix LLVM cast assertions on string array to slice conversion.
Fix invalid sizeof operator result on array elem values and struct memers.
Fix lambda functions inside nested scope.
Add implicit conversion from pointers to bool.
Add union data type.
Add support of Windows terminal color output.
Add testing formaters for printing float values.
Add support of MSVC CoveView and PDB debug database generation via LLVM API.

0.5.2 - BETA (Feb 3, 2020)


File Platform Kind macOS Binary Windows Binary - Source

Change log

Add support of user defined struct member tags.
Add BL Build System.
Improved builtin API.
Better Windows support.
Bugfixes: #85, #80, #69, #82, #29

0.5.1 - BETA (Dec 1, 2019)


File Platform Kind macOS Binary Windows Binary Linux Binary
blc-0.5.1-linux-x86-64.tar.xz Linux Binary - Source

Change log

Complete rework of compile-time value representation.
Command line arguments are now presented in command_line_arguments global.
Custom executable startup (removed dependency on crt on macos and linux).
Structure inheritance.
Switch statement.
No need to write semicolons after functions and typedefs in global scope.
Structure members are now separated by semicolon.
Enum variants are now separated by semicolon.
Bugfixes: #65, #62, #63, #57, #64, #39, #61, #68, #67

0.5.0 - BETA (Oct 1, 2019)

Change log

Statical runtime type info.
Fix global immutables.
Configuration file generation.
Improve documentation.
Defer statement.
DWARF generation.
Basic STD functions.
Experimental wrappers for SDL2, SDL2_Image and Vulkan.
Two new demos.
Vim syntax highlighter.

0.3.1 - First steps (Aug 26, 2018)

Change log

basic features
LLVM backend