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link_library :: fn (assembly: Assembly, name: string)


Add system library. Only name is required (without extension and prefix). Compiler will lookup for this library in working directory, system PATH and LINKER_LIB_PATH variable specified in bl.conf file. Linked library can be used also during compile-time execution, in such case all needed symbols are loaded in compile-time. This does not work for .lib files on Windows.


  • assembly Target assembly.
  • name Library name.
    • On Linux name will be extended by 'lib' prefix and '.so' extension.
    • On MacOS name will be extended by 'lib' prefix and '.dylib' extension.
    • On Windows name will be extended only by '.dll' extension.


build :: fn () #build_entry {
    exe :: add_executable("MyGame");
    add_unit(exe, "src/");

    switch OS_KIND {
        OSKind.Windows { target_windows(exe); }
        default        { panic("Unknown build target!"); }

target_windows :: fn (exe: Assembly) {
    link_library(exe, "freetype");
    link_library(exe, "zlib");
    link_library(exe, "png");

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