First program

// First simple program

    This is tutorial for new language users describing creation of the
    simplest possible program using Biscuit language. Basic idea here
    is just print out some text into the terminal window.

    Like in other languages we must define main function fisrt as an
    entry point to the program. This function will be called first.
    The main function is supposed to return some state number of s32
    type, zero here means successful execution. You can return any other
    state number to let call side know when something went wrong.

    We can use print function to write text into the standart text output.

    To compile our sample program just type 'blc' into the 
    terminal. Result binary will be called 'out.exe' on Windows. In case you 
    just want to execute the program without need of executable file you can 
    add '-r -no-bin' flags before the file name: 
    'blc -r -no-bin'. You should see 'Hello world!' now in 
    compilator output.

    Any time you use the '-r' or '-run' flag compilator will execute 
    your main function in compile time. Flag '-no-bin' says "do not create any
    binary output", no executable file will be created.

// Main function as the program entry point.
main :: fn () s32 {
    // Call the print function.
    print("Hello world!\n");

    // Return OK state number.
    return 0;